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Title: Near-earth space navigation using over-the-hopizonsatellites
Authors: Конин Валерий, Konin Valeriy
Погурельский Алексей, Pogurelskiy Oleksey
Шишков Федор, Shyshkov Fedir
Keywords: Near-Earth space, GNSS, radiation pattern, space navigation, navigation field
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: 5-й Междунар. радиоэлектронный форум «Прикладная радиоэлектроника. Cостояние и перспективы развития», 14-17 жовтня 2014р.: тези доп. – Харьков.–2014.–Т. 1.–С. 205 -206
Abstract: The work is devoted to the idea of the near-Earth navigation in space using the active satellite constellations by applying the over-the-horizon satellites, which provide a relatively simple solution with the usage of sensitive navigation satellite receiver. The solution uses only the main lobe signals to provide position fix
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