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Title: Simmulation of navigation satellites availability in the near-earth space
Authors: Конин Валерий, Konin Valeriy
Погурельский Алексей, Pogurelskiy Oleksey
Шишков Федор, Shyshkov Fedir
Keywords: satellite navigation
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: Proceedings, The sixth World Con-gress. Aviation in the XXI-st Century. Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies, September 23–25, 2014 .– Kyiv, 2014. – V.2, – P.3.2.26 – 3.2.29
Abstract: The problem of GNSS performances in the near-Earth space is considered. The main factor that limits GNSS applying in space is district visibility of navigation satellites. The availability of GNSS satellites required number were checked by using model of satellites motion and data about height of user location
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