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Title: Optimization environment urban development in different conditions of degraded landscapes
Authors: Kravchenko Oleg
Кравченко Олег Вадимович
Keywords: Optimization
urban development
urban areas
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: НАУ
Citation: Optimization environment urban development in different conditions of degraded landscapes/ O. V. Kravchenko // The seventh word congress aviation in the XXI-st century' "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies" September 19-21.2016, Kyiv, Ukraine: Proceedings. – p.10.2.10-10.2.11.
Abstract: In the modern industrial city most consistent solution that provides a gradual creation of conditions to optimize urban environment, is the implementation of architectural and landscape rehabilitation of urban areas. Implementation of reconstruction works associated with changes in the quality of the urban environment, can be effective only if their social and ecological. In this regard,architectural and spatial ormation of the urban environment is considered in conjunction with the functional and ecological optimization and compositional harmonization.
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