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Title: Features of location under airports technogenic landscapes
Authors: Kravchenko Oleg
Кравченко Олег Вадимович
Keywords: airports
Features of location
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: НАУ
Citation: Features of location under airports technogenic landscapes/ O. V. Kravchenko // The seventh word congress aviation in the XXI-st century' "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies" September 19-21.2016, Kyiv, Ukraine: Proceedings. – p. 10.2.8-10.2.9.
Abstract: Modern changes in human activity significantly alter the appearance of the urban environment and occur in three areas: diversity and transformation functionality by creating additional conditions for recreation, entertainment, climate change due to changing the system of transport services, the creation of new transport infrastructure (eg airports ) the use of new methods of spatial organization of urban areas; desire for brightness architectural forms, unusual appearance of urban design elements, compounds in them diverse functions.
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