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Authors: Kharchenko, Volodymir
Barabanov, Yurii
Grekhov, Andrii
Keywords: free-flight
communication channel
convolutional encoder
free space loss
phase/frequency offset
memoryless nonlinearity
phase noise
Viterbi decoder
amplifier backoff level
noise temperature
antenna diameter
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Transport
Series/Report no.: ;V.28
Abstract: For modelling of data transmissionfrom low-orbit satellite constellation Іrіdіum the original model of a communication channel "Satellite-to-Aircraft" was built using MATLABSіmulіnk.The model comprises “Satellite Downlink Transmitter” (Bernoulli Random Binary Generator, Convolutional Encoder, BPSK Baseband Modulator, High Power Amplifier with a memoryless nonlinearity, Satellite Phase Noise, Transmitter Dish Antenna Gain), “Downlink Path” (Free Space Path Loss, Phase/Frequency Offset), “Aircraft Downlink Receiver” (Receiver Dish Antenna Gain, Aircraft Receiver System Temperature, Viterbi Decoder), “Error Rate Calculation” block and “Display”.Modeling was realized without and with convolutional coding (r=3/4, K=7) at different noise temperatures and free space losses. Dependencies of a Bit Error Rate on free space path losses, antennas diameter, phase/frequency offsets, satellite high power amplifier backoff level, and phase noise were received and analyzed.
Description: MODELING OF “SATELLITE-TO-AIRCRAFT” LINKFOR SELF-SEPARATION / Volodymir Kharchenko, Yurii Barabanov, Andrii Grekhov // Transport. – 2013. – V.28. – №4. – P. 361–367.
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