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Title: Control System Objects with Multiple Streams of Information
Authors: Kucherov, Dmytro P.
Kozub, Andrii M.
Кучеров, Дмитрий Павлович
Козуб, Андрей Николаевич
Кучеров, Дмитро Павлович
Козуб, Андрій Миколайович
Keywords: automatic repetition query (ARQ)
stop and wait scheme
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: The article deals with the problem of controlling the flow of information coming from a group of UAVs by radio channel. The stream is a sequence of binary information packages. The inevitable data losses are compensated by repetition of lost packages. Modern methods control of data flow assumes using a mechanism ARQ based on the method sliding window. In this paper the comparative analyses of the known methods are given. The property matching the volume of information, which is transmitted from UAVs with the size M of the sliding window, is set. In base of theoretical calculations is used the concept of bandwidth. Computing bandwidth radio channel with the ARQ technology allows are confirming the main result investigation.
Description: In this paper discusses the problem of estimating the load of the transmission channel in the presence of loss of data on the basis of these methods.
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