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Title: Image of the first lady in mass media
Authors: Гулієв, Аріф Джаміль оглу
Чекалюк, Вероніка Василівна
Keywords: press, first lady, leader, image, audience
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Международный научный журнал Право и политология №34 (Молдова), Chisinau. 2016, C. 23-34
Description: The image of the nation depends directly on that of first persons’, leaders representatives of elite, artists, sportsmen. President’s wife, a First Lady plays a notable role in political life of a country, she is the embodiment of female audience, she is closely followed by journalists. Her image in the press may enhance or deteriorate the reputation of the whole country. This article concerns the role of the first lady in nation’s image formation.
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