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Title: Improving Images Quality by Combination of Filtering Methods
Authors: Kucherov, D.P.
Katsalap, R.G.
Zbrozhek, L.V.
Keywords: composition
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: The IJES
Abstract: The article deals with digital images which are corrupted by interfering signal representing random homogeneous or rare changes brightness of individual pixels. These changes matched Gaussian noise, impulse noise and their joint action. As usually to decreasing noises on the picture is used filtering. The known spatial and frequency filtering methods are leads to deteriorating sharpness images and recovering sharpness images are uses methods based on computing the second derivations, for example Laplacian. The main idea proposed approach is combined filtering methods and increasing sharpness. On the basis of quantitative criteria for estimation of quality and criteria of visual perception is studied rational combination of known types of filters. Several illustrative examples are presented that demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed technique.
Description: The paper depicted composition on three methods of filtering.
ISSN: 2319 – 1813, 2319 – 1805
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