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Title: Application of the method of factor analysis in the assessment of the technical condition of the hard cover airport
Authors: Бєлятинський, Андрій Олександрович
Malikov, Vladimir
Bojarchuk, Bogdan
Klymenko, Iryna
Orzheshkovska, Ludmila
Orzheshkovskyi, Vasyl
Keywords: airfield pavements
method of factor analysis
correlation coefficient deflections
curve approximation
deflections of plates
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: Transbaltica
Series/Report no.: 8;
Abstract: To reduse the number of variables and determine the structure of the relationsip between the results of researches apply factor analysis of research results deflections slabs of runway action degreeal pilot workload using the program SPSS Staistics 17
Description: The results of the experiments and precented results of their statistical analysis is proposed to use the results of factor analysis to evaluate the technical condition of the hard cover. Through the use of computer programs SPSS Staistics 17 and MS Exel data obtained were processed and built the necessary graphics. Established uneven depressions are the applied experimental load in the direction of the landing aircraft. The application of factor analysis techniqes can allow identify areas of reduced carrying capacity of coverage in certain parts of the band. The final decision on the state covering the runway can be formulated with additional studies cover bands in these areas.
ISBN: 978-609-457-470-2
ISSN: 2029-2376
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