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dc.contributor.authorTrofimov, Igor Leonodovich-
dc.description.abstractThe question of influence electrophysics treatment airfuel TС-1 is considered on forming of wearproofness pair of friction fuel-hydraulic aggregates. Conformities to the law of influence electric treatment airfuel TС-1 are experimentally set on his antiwear properties, on forming wearproofness of surfaces friction which is based on the features of change a closeness and evenness of the second structures.uk_UA
dc.publisherТрение, смазка и изнашивание в машинах, Москваuk_UA
dc.titleВлияние электрофизической обработки топлив на формирование износостойкости пар трения топливно-гидравлических агрегатовuk_UA
dc.specialityТертя та зношування в машинахuk_UA
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