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dc.contributor.authorВасилишина, Наталія Максимівна-
dc.description.abstractStudy guide is designed for students of specialty "Tourism". Its structure integrated ten interralated parts, each of which performs a specific function. In particular: to polish the correct pronunciation and broaden the mind, to develop arbitrary and involuntary memory, to supplement vocabulary from words to more than phrase level, to generalise grammatical structures, to encourage to critical thinking. It is important that this training methodical collection can be useful for future specialists in tourism as well as for specialists of diverse training areas, such as international business, journalism.uk_UA
dc.titleEnglish for Tourism. Multitasking Study Guide for Self-defined and Independent Learninguk_UA
Appears in Collections:Навчально-методичні комплекси дисциплін кафедри іноземних мов

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