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Title: International criminology. The experience of the research of terrorism. .
Authors: Аntypenko, Vladimir
Issue Date: 2015
Description: This book is a truly collective work, though on the title of the book the only author is indicated. The idea of the separation of the international branch in criminology science has been discussed by the Ukrainian scientists for many years. Both international lawers and criminologists have shown their interest to this problem despite of the difference in viewpoints and approaches. Among criminologists A.N. Kostenko and V.N. Drjomin should be mentioned. Actually their expertness and deep knowledge of the subject of study predetermined the importance of the key provisions of this work. The viewpoints of the international law scientists, among which the active position of the noted national international criminology specialist N.A. Zelinska should be mentioned, reflect the general trend to the shift of the epicenter of the legal counteraction to criminality towards the international sphere. Since it goes about the optimization of the structure of the recognized branch of science which criminology is, the problem has not been left without the attention of the head of the national science of science B.A. Malytskyi and noted specialist in this sphere V.I. Onoprienko. The assessments and recommendations of these scientists assisted in the correct arrangement of the material developed and helped to form it from the viewpoint of the scientific results. In the process of the development of the monography the confidence in the correctness of the direction of the scientific research chosen and of the forming of the basis of arguments was supported by the famous Russian criminology scientist V.V. Luneev. In his works he has been persistently pointing for a long time on the special character of formation of the causes of international criminality and on the peculiar features of the methodology of its determination. Let me express the special gratitude to my good friend and teacher the academician A.S. Onyshchenko. It may be said without exaggeration that 8 this work was done due to the active participation of this person. This eminent humanist of the modern Ukraine determined the philosophical basis of the monography, the systematic vision of the problem of the security of a person and a state in the modern world. The scientific discussion on the problems of the international criminology that took place in the National Aviation University of Ukraine, the National University Odesa Law Academy and, certainly, in the V.M. Koretskyi Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine appeared to be successful. The main provisions of the monography have been verified and specified in the process of teaching of the special educational course on the Master’s Degree programme of the Institute of the International Relations of the National Aviation University of Ukraine. The developments of the young scientists and postgraduate students appeared to be very helpful. Between them let me mention my students V. Kubalskyi, I. Hromivchuk and N. Panskyi. The monography was created at the International Law Department of the Institute and embodies the common efforts and contribution of every member of this friendly creative collective. T.R. Korotkyi also deserves dratitute since he actively participated in the scientific polemics and took the responsibilities concerning the publishing of the monography. I hope that the mentioned collective efforts only lay the basis for the formation of the new criminology, the one corresponding to the establishing of the new social integrity – the international society.
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