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Title: Functions of aviation personnel
Authors: Гусар, Ольга Анатоліївна
Keywords: aviation personnel
safety of flights
the functions of the aviation personnel
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: «Scientific letters of internationa academic society of michal baludansky» – Наукові сторінки Міжнародного академічного товариства Михайла Балудянського, Словакія, Кошице. – 2014. - № 2 (Т.2). – С. 48-50.
Abstract: The article is about a structure of the personnel that functions are implemented in the field of civil aviation of Ukraine. The positive tendencies of development of qualitatively new aviation aimed to provide services and security of transportation in the conditions of high rivalry both in the domestic and international arena, encourages to solve these questions by the way of forming and organization of the professional aviation personnel activity. The dominant purpose of its operation is safety of flights. It analyzes the main characteristics of the aviation personnel, that are fixed in the Air code of Ukraine. It is necessary to stop the imbalances and form the more perfect mechanism of legal regulation of the specialists activity, that are directly related to use of civil aviation. On the base of analysis the conclusion about the absence in the regulatory fixed structure of the aviation personnel of a large group of subjects performing the same type of functions was made. It was proposed to determine this part of the personnel as other personnel whose activity is directly related with use of civil aviation. Unity of the legal nature of functions of: a) the aviation personnel determined by the rules of the Air code of Ukraine in 2011 and b) other personnel, whose work is directly connected with the use of civil aviation, became the basis for the determination of the aggregate as “aviation personnel”.
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