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Title: Communicative Approach to Teaching ESP for Future Aviation Engineers
Authors: Конопляник, Леся Миколаївна
Keywords: Communicative approach, ESP, Aviation engineers
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: Aviation in the XXIth Century. Safety in Aviation and Space Technology : Proceedings of the 5th World Congress, September 25–27, 2012 . – Kyiv, 2012. – Vol. 3. – P.8.1.29–8.1.33
Abstract: The article analyses modern requirements for aviation specialists that initiate the search for approaches, methods and techniques in teaching ESP for them. A communicative approach is considered as the optimal language teaching means. The article also gives examples of communicative activities that can be used during the teaching process. These activities provide opportunities for future aviation engineers to be engaged in real-life professional communication in English.
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