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dc.contributor.authorЛастівка, Іван Олексійович-
dc.description.abstractGeneralised research results that consider the upgradability of axial and centrifugal gas turbine engine compressors by means of gas-dynamic boundary layer control on bladed disks are demonstrated. Active and passive methods are used. Comparative analysis of the results has been carried out. The analysis is purposed to determine the influence of the flow circulation around the aerofoils on the performance of compressor single-row bladed disks with smooth blades and rough blades and under the condition that vortex generators are installed. An increase in the efficiency of aviation gas-turbine engines and in their gas-dynamic stability margin support leads to the enhancement of the parameters and performance of compressors: increase in loading of aerodynamic bladed disks, improvement of their economical efficiency, improvement of margin of the continuous flow around the compressor grids, etc. Airflow in the compressor grid is characterised by the flow region in the flow core and also by the flow regions in the wall boundary layers on the grid blades where shock waves, vortices, air swirls, and flow separation phenomena take place. The principle objective of the work is to research the possibilities of influence on the parameters of the elements of compressors and overall performance of gas-turbine engines via the methods of active and passive flow regulation. Active flow regulation is realised either by rendering the auxiliary gas mass to the blades boundary layer, or by suction (withdrawal) of the boundary layer (its part) from the surfaces of blades. Passive flow around regulation is characterised by influence on the boundary layer by means of energy redistribution in the flow itself.uk_UA
dc.publisherTechnika. Vilniusuk_UA
dc.subjectcompressor gas-dynamic stabilityuk_UA
dc.subjectbladed disks flow controluk_UA
dc.subjectvortices generatoruk_UA
dc.subjectvaned diffuseruk_UA
dc.titleRaising gas-dynamic stability margin of axial and centrifugalcompressor stages by meaans of vaned diffuser boundary layer controluk_UA
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