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Title: Method of dynamic programming for information robot’s branching path optimization
Authors: Tachinina, O.M.
Keywords: Compound dynamic system; optimal control; branching path.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Electronics and control systems.– K.: NAU, 2017. – № 3(53). – P. 100-105.
Series/Report no.: ;№3(53)
Abstract: The article describes and proves the necessary and sufficient conditions for optimality of information robot’s branching path with branching profile containing the central and lateral branches without interaction of subsystems after separation. The formulated conditions make it possible to determine the optimal coordinates and instants of the branching time of the trajectory, as well as the optimal controls and trajectories of the components of the information robot to the specified purposes along the hotel branches of the trajectory after they are separated from the carrier. The practical importance of the obtained conditions lies in the fact that it is possible to develop on its base the computational procedures for on-line calculation of optimal branching paths of such compound dynamical systems.
ISSN: 1990-5548
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