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Authors: Mykhaylo Pashechko, Myroslav Kindrachuk
Igor Gumeniuk, Oleksandr Tisov
Volodymyr Zahrebelniy
Keywords: plasma deposition
laser treatment
thermal cycling
mass transfer
wear resistance
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2017
Publisher: Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal
Citation: M Pashechko M. FUNCTIONAL PLASMA-DEPOSITED COATINGS / M. Pashechko, M. Kindrachuk, I. Gumeniuk, O. Tisov, V. Zahrebelniy // Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal. – Vol. 11, Issue 4. – 2017. P. 301–304.
Abstract: The paper focuses on the problem of low adhesion of plasma sprayed coatings to the substrate. The subsequent laser treatment modes and their influence on the coatingsubstrate interface were studied. This allows to decrease the level of met-stability of the coating, thus decreasing its hardness down to 11–12 GPa on the surface and to about 9 GPa on depth of 400 µm. The redistribution of alloying elements through solid and liquid diffusion improves mechanical properties and rises the adhesion up to 450 MPa after remelting and up to 90–110 MPa after laser-aided thermal cycling. At the same time, remelting of coating helps to decrease its porosity down to 1%. The obtained complex of properties also allows to improve wear resistance of coatings and to decrease friction factor.
ISSN: 2299-8624
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