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Title: The far right in the Netherlands: the rise of the Party for Freedom
Authors: Смольніков, Юрій Борисович
Keywords: G. Wilders, Party for Freedom, the far right, populism, immigration, Islam, national identity, elections
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The article deals with the preconditions and growth of the far right movement in the Netherlands. Traced is the development and activity of the Party for Freedom, the movement's major representative, its program principles and external policies. Demonstrated is a policy which can reduce an electoral success of the far right
Description: Smolnikov Yu.B. The Far Right in the Netherlands: The Rise of the Party for Freedom / Yu.B. Smolnikov // Науковий журнал "Політикус". - 2017. - Вип. 4.- С. 79-84.
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