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Title: Текстова реалізація символу: семіотико-концептуальний аспект (на матеріалі новел Е.По та Х.Лавкрафта)
Authors: Денисова (Шурма), Світлана
Keywords: глобальний символ
текстовий символ
когнітивна поетика
short story
E. Poe
H.P. Lovecraft
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Видавничий центр КНЛУ
Citation: Вісник Київського національного лінгвістичного університету
Series/Report no.: Філологія;Том 7 № 1
Abstract: The article presents an overview of current approaches to the notion of symbol, gives its typology with regard to its textual realization viewed from semiotic and cognitive perspectives. The latter is given a special emphasis, as we believe that it provides access to the author's conceptual model of the world. Thus, differentiation between global and textual symbols is drawn, where the former are borrowed by the writer from the culture s/he is part of to further unfold into a text, while the latter are equaled to trope and acquire their symbolic status only in a specific context. An attempt to reveal through a set of symbols the intertextual links between the short fiction of E. Poe and H. Lovecraft has been made.
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