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Title: Development of the Hydrophytic Structure of the Bioplateau Type for the Purification of Water Bodies From 137Cs
Authors: Lapan, Oksana
Mikhyeyev, Oleksandr
Madzhd, Svitlana
Cherniak, Larysa
Maksimenko, Olena
Keywords: water purification
bio plateau
terrestrial plants
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Ecologia Balkanica
Citation: Lapan О. Development of the hydrophytic structure of the bioplateau type for the purification of water bodies from 137Cs / O. Lapan, O. Mikhyeyev, S. Madzhd, L. Cherniak, O. Maksimenko // Ecologia Balkanica. – 2022. – Volume 14, Issue 1. – Р. 1–9.
Abstract: A floating structure of a bioplateau has been developed for the purification of water bodies from the toxic substances, the biotic component of which is terrestrial plants. Chemically inert floating materials were used as a substrate for the construction of the bioplateau: perlite, expanded clay, granular foam, vermiculite, cork. Substrate testing has shown that granular expanded polystyrene is the most optimal for the usage. The study of different options for seed germination in the design of the bioplateau has shown that its placement on the top of the substrate is the best option. The usage of perlite in combination with granular foam had created an additional capillary effect, due to which the seeds germinated at a faster rate. To optimize the hydrophytic structure a grid was used, which made it possible to increase the overall density of the bioplateau. An algorithm for creating a «rolled» plant that is suitable for transportation and placement in the surface water bodies that require purification from toxic substances has been developed. There was done a comparative study of the effectiveness of purification of the aquatic environment from ions of radiocesium bioplate with wheat plants of different varieties. It is confirmed that the efficiency of sorption of 137Cs ions by terrestrial plants is influenced by the nature and concentration of macrocations in the aqueous medium.
ISSN: 1313-9940
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