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Title: Cognitive Flexibility as a Factor of Stress Resistance of Specialists in “Human-human” Professions
Authors: Petrenko, Vladislav
Yudina, Valeriia
Петренко, Владислав Максимович
Юдіна, Валерія Ярославівна
Keywords: cognitive flexibility
factor of stress resistance of specialists in “human-human” professions
stress resistance
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Petrenko V., Yudina V. Cognitive Flexibility as a Factor of Stress Resistance of Specialists in “Human-human” Professions // Polit. Challenges of Science Today. Humanitarian Sciences: abstracts of XXI International Conference of Higher Education Students and Young Scientist. – National Aviation University. – Vol. 1. - Kyiv, 2021. – P.122-123.
Abstract: The problem of cognitive flexibility as a significant component of professional activity is relevant for each field of production. But this topic becomes especially relevant in the modern requirements as the variability of systems has significantly increased as well as the requirements for activities inside those systems. Today, the great majority of psychologists believe that cognitive flexibility is not only a characteristic of mental action but foremost the ability of a specialist to act in various production situations, including stressful ones. A sign of cognitive flexibility is the professional`s ability to respond quickly to changes that occur in current situations, while the focus on the analysis of new (stressful) factors is inessential.
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