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Title: Шляхи Грінченка-журналіста: від «Каганця» до «Українського педагогічного журналу»
Other Titles: The roads of Borys Grinchenko - journalist: from «Kaganets» to «Ukrainian Pedagogical Journal»
Authors: Бурко, Ольга Василівна
Burko, Olha
Keywords: Борис Грінченко
електронне видання
Borys Grinchenko
pen name
electronic edition
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: Бурко О.В. Шляхи Грінченка-журналіста: від «Каганця» до «Українського педагогічного журналу» / О.В. Бурко // Український педагогічний журнал. – К., 2019. – № 4. – С. 154 – 161
Series/Report no.: № 4;
Abstract: У статті систематизовано відомості про рукописні журнал «Каганець» і газету «Цуцик» Бори-са Грінченка; започаткування ним проєкту «Український педагогічний журнал». Уперше оприлюднено низку рубрик цих видань, псевдоніми, використовувані Борисом Дмитровичем для підпису матеріалів. Проаналізовано результати дослідження студентською спільнотою Університетського коледжу літературних жанрів, які використав Грінченко-журналіст у «Каганці» та «Цуцику». Відзначено спроби студентів створювати рукописні журнали на паперовому та електронному носіях.
The article describes manuscripts of the «Kaganets» journal and the «Tsutsik» newspaper by Borys Grinchenko. Their search was based on his autobiography (1898) and his father's memoirs. Its shows the author’s desire to publish Ukrainian language press. The presentation of manuscripts «Tsutsik» and «Kaganets» was reported. It was carried out during an interactive tour in the Museum of Borys Grinchenko. They used an arsenal of traditional and innovative methods for cooperation with students from University College. For example, authoring characteristics of publications, reading dialogues by roles, comparative analysis of artistic texts. Students' achievements were evaluated according to practical criteria. In order to form the ability of excursionists to determine the successful or unsuccessful title of editions «Tsutsik» and «Kaganets», used the technique of working with "Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language" by Borys Grinchenko and the manuscript. The analysis of answers convinced that titles are appropriate: 39% of respondents consider them successful, 2.6% very successful. Methodical techniques for forming students' ability to identify literary genres of the newspaper «Tsutsik» and the magazine «Kaganets» are offered: work with scientific-reference literature, work in microgroups with photocopies. So 59.8% of young researchers correctly identified the literary genres of artistic texts. The excursionists found pen names of young Grinchenko: Pirat, Administrator. The students' interest in manuscripts «Tsutsik» and «Kaganets» was investigated. 42.1% of the respondents consider them interesting for reading, 33.8% – for acquaintance with younger family members, 33.8% – for dissemination among school children, 31.2% - for imitation. Thus, 31.2% of students reported that were trying to create their own publication, with 18.2% of students – paper publications, and 13% – electronic ones. The results of manuscripts review are generalized in visual support. On the common part: 1) handwritten format, 2) paper version; in the former – available for review in the Grinchenko’s archive, in the future – open for reading in online format. As we can see, the light of knowledge dissemination, lit by Grinchenko's «Kaganets», has become more powerful thanks to the publication of the «Ukrainian Pedagogical Journal» more than a century ago.
ISSN: 10.32405/2411-1317-2019-4-154-161
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