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Title: Device for automated leveling
Authors: Belenok, Vadym
Burachek, Vsevolod
Malik, Tetiana
Kryachok, Sergíy
Bryk, Yaroslav
Keywords: leveling of the horizontal platform
aerodrome covers
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Series/Report no.: Volume 5, Number 431;
Abstract: The article describes the issue of automation of surface leveling performed during the reconstruction of artificial aerodrome covers. The existing methods of surface leveling using satellite technologies, electronic (digital) and laser rotational levels are described. The main drawbacks of existing methods are analyzed, the essence of which is reduced mainly to the large amount of manual measurements. A new mobile device for automated surface leveling is proposed, the distinctive parts of which are mobile platform, leveling optoelectronic device (LOED) and ultrasonic location block. The LOED includes lenses and a double Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Matrix. To perform the leveling of the surface in the leveling marking the ends of the leveling lines, which are parallel to the longitudinal axis of the leveling plot is done. The leveling lines fix two points (benchmarks) where elevation points are first-order as compared with elevation points of leveling the surface. Two reference sighting targets on the benchmarks are installed. In the memory of the device such data as: instrumental elevations, elevations LOED and elevations sighting targets, as well as the scanning step are entered. The device LOED is installed to the alignment between sighting targets the position in the alignment of the images of targets on the display are controlled. The device is installed sequentially to the points of scanning the surface along the alignment line and define the readings on the LOED matrixes at the points of leveling the surface during stops or movement of the device on the alignment line. As a result of measurements in automatic mode, the instrumental elevations along the alignment line with an adjustable scan step are obtained. Such a device due to increased mobility is effective for leveling large and length areas, such as take-off and landing strip, take-off starts, airplane platforms, etc.
ISSN: 2224-5278
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