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Title: The power and origins of the computer world terms
Authors: Shalamai, Vladyslav
Keywords: computer terms
computer world
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: Талком, Київ
Citation: Shalamai V. The power and origins of the computer world terms // Національна ідентичність в мові і культурі: зб. наук. праць / за заг.ред. А.Г. Гудманяна, О.Г. Шостак. – К.: Талком, 2018. – С.208-209
Abstract: Most of us use common computer terms everyday but don’t take the time to think about how these words came to being in the computer world. There are some interesting stories as to the origins of these terms. “Bug”. This may be the most well-known word because of its interesting story. While Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer programming, was working on the Harvard Mark II, she traced the cause of a glitch in the computer to an actual moth trapped in a relay. The moth she found can still be seen on display in the Smithsonian Museum. As some of you may be desperate to point out, this was not actually the first use of the term “bug” to describe a malfunctioning system.
ISBN: 978-617-7397-78-5
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