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Title: Law-popularizing work of China
Authors: Luo, Yingting
Keywords: law
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2020
Publisher: Національний Авіаційний Університет
Citation: Luo Yingting. Law-popularizing work of China. // Інноваційний розвиток правової науки в умовах модернізації суспільства: Х Міжнародна науково-практична конференціяї, 28 лютого 2020 р., м.Київ: зб. доп. - К.: НАУ, 2020. - С. 104-105
Abstract: Since China implemented the first “five-year plan” of law-popularizing work in 1986, law-popularizing education has undergone a policy change from propagating the party’s democratic legal system to propagating the basic strategy of governing the country according to law. Now, law-popularizing education has achieved three historic changes,from the education on popularizing the general knowledge of law to the education on improving the legal quality, from the education of monotonously popularizing legal clause to the education of respecting legal spirit and the concept of law, from the administrative management to institutionalized, standardized and legal management.
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