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Title: Concept of National Policy on Cultural Heritage Development in Ukraine
Authors: Oliynyk, Olena
Олійник, Олена Павлівна
Keywords: cultural heritage
sustainable urban development
nation’s historical memory
urban policy
cultural tourism
normative bases
historical habitation
an area of a protected landscape
the object of cultural heritage
cultural heritage monument
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: Concept of National Policy on Cultural Heritage Development in Ukraine (draft) / Ed. O.P. Oliynyk. – K.: Arkhitektura i prestyzh, Seredniak T.K., 2014. 130 P.
Abstract: The paper deals with problems associated exclusively with immovable historical and cultural heritage. The concept of a national policy on the immovable cultural heritage of Ukraine is offered. This concept takes into account the needs of sustainable urban development, promotion and preservation of heritage through restoration of the nation’s historical memory and identity. The concept proceeds from the premise that the path to European integration, which has been chosen by the Ukrainiansand has already cost them thousands of lives, is irreversible.
ISBN: 978-617-7257-17-1
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