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Title: Ефективність системи економічної безпеки авіатранспортних підприємств
Authors: Мізюк, Світлана Георгіївна
Мізюк, Валентин Васильович
Keywords: економічна безпека
система безпеки
авіаційний транспорт
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Проблеми системного підходу в економіці.Збірн. наук. праць: Випуск 50.- К.: НАУ, 2014
Abstract: В статті досліджено сутність та методичні підходи до визначений ефективності системи економічної безпеки авіатранспортних підприємств
В статье исследована сущность и методические подходы к определении/ эффективности системы экономической безопасности авиатранспортных предприятий.
Activities of aviation enterprises are characterized by dynamism and danger. The condition for the effective functioning of the air transport enterprises is to create a perfect system of economic security. In the theory of economic security is no single approach to determine the system aggregates economic security of enterprises of different industries, and in particular air transport industry. In the article the category of "economic security airlines' status as the most efficient use of resources airlines to prevent the occurrence of threats and ensure its stable operation in the present and in the future. Research types of risks in aviation enterprises allowed us to distinguish three specific components of air enterprise security, aviation security, aviation and environmental safety. The efficiency of the economic security of air enterprise is the process of ensuring all components of economic security, as in the article the aviation and environmental safety, and the safety as characteristic components of the integrated system of air enterprise and determined its economic security for resourcefunctional approach.Also, the article mathematically defined relationship between the efficiency of economic security and air enterprise affecting her internal and external factors. The authors raised the problem of increasing the effectiveness of the economic security of air transport companies, which according to the authors is that when minimally sufficient number of borrowed resources (human, material and financial) and the clear performance requirements of legislation on aviation security, safety and environmental safety to achieve the maximum possible increase desired result (All prevent, reduce All, pollution cases, flight safety and mitigation, etc.). The article states that only skillful use of the entire system of internal and external factors can provide sufficient economic growth rate of efficiency of air transport security companies.
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