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dc.contributor.authorTymoshenko M. M.-
dc.contributor.authorТммошенко Марія Миколаївна-
dc.contributor.authorТимошенко Мария Николаевна-
dc.contributor.authorKovalevska О.-
dc.contributor.authorКовалевська О.-
dc.contributor.authorКовалевская О.-
dc.identifier.citationTymoshenko, М. М. Air clusters: portals between cities, countries and continents / M. M. Tymoshenko, O. Kovalevska / Архітектура. Будівництво. Дизайн: ІІ Міжнар. наук.-практ. конгрес, 15-18 березня 2016 р.: тези доповідей. - К.: НАУ, 2016. – С. 83-84.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe democratization and the extreme development of air transportation supported by the economic globalization of the 21st. century led to the emergence of air clusters. The term air cluster defines the single format incorporation of a wide variety of infrastructure surrounding an air transport lacility, such as an airport. The cluster incorporates the airport terminals, logistic support buildings, passenger services, aircraft service facilities, rail and road transportation hubs.uk_UA
dc.publisherНаціональний авіаційний університетuk_UA
dc.subjectair transportationuk_UA
dc.subjectair clustersuk_UA
dc.subjectinnovative architecturaluk_UA
dc.titleAir clusters: portals between cities, countries and continentsuk_UA
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