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Title: Using presentations for enhancement of legal English learning and activation of all language skills
Authors: Гундарєва, Валентина Олегівна
Keywords: language
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: Кіровоградський педагогічний університет імені Володимира Винниченка
Abstract: Listening, speaking and writing skills in English are essential for professional communication. As a result, even though we focus on reading legal literature and basic legal documents, we consciously introduce tasks that activate all four language skills. "The fact that the learner will eventually use the knowledge gained only for reading is largely irrelevant. What is of most concern is how the learner can learn that knowledge most effectively. If the effectiveness of the process can be enriched by the use of other skills, then that is what should be done." (Hutchinson & Waters, 1987) The use of presentation in a friendly, non-threatening classroom atmosphere encourages use of all four language skills.
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