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Authors: Василишина, Наталія Максимівна
Keywords: tourism sector
foreign language competence
special skills
needs and skills
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Perspective-oriented research and analysis of new and changing skill needs in the labour market demands research and analysis at various levels: macroeconomic, regional, local, sectoral, occupational and enterprise levels. Nowadays we hear more about European research into early identification of skill needs but this is still fairly limited and mostly concentrated in specific sectors, trades and occupations characterised by internationalisation, where the mobility of people, jobs and services are high. Tourism is one such sector. The article under consideration deals with one of the urgent matters of contemporary society which is related to outlining and development basic needs and skills for tourism manager in Ukraine. The main problem of the proposed survey was defined as investigation of peculiarities, main features, characteristics of each foreign language activity appropriate for tourism specialty future experts as well as to suggest suitable foreign language assignments, that can be implemented in communicative foreign language competence formation for future professionals in tourism realm. To add, alternative skillset was proposed in the ongoing survey aw well.
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