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Title: Comparative characteristics of low-temperature properties of jet fuels modified with bio-additives
Authors: Бойченко, Сергій Валерійович
Лейда, Казимир
Яковлєва, Анна Валеріївна
Вовк, Оксана Олексіївна
Keywords: Alternative fuels
Ethanol fuels
Jet fue
Low temperature
Methanol fuels
Vegetable oils
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: Boichenko S., Lejda K., Yakovlieva A. and Vovk O. (2018). Comparative characteristics of low-temperature properties of jet fuels modified with bio-additives. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 421. 032003
Series/Report no.: Materials Science and Engineering;032003
Abstract: The work is devoted to the investigation of low-temperature properties of alternative jet fuels mixed with bio-additives derived from rapeseed oil, methanol and ethanol. For this work, a modification of conventional jet fuel from rapeseed oil, methanol and ethanol was chosen to develop alternative jet fuels. The main low-temperature characteristics – freezing point and pour point of conventional jet fuel and three types of bio-additives were identified and compared with the requirements for conventional Jet A-1 fuel. The influence of bio-additives from rapeseed oil, methanol and ethanol on low-temperature characteristics of new jet fuels has been studied and explained. The necessity of studying new technologies is grounded.
Description: [1] Boichenko S and Iakovlieva A 2012 Prospects of biofuels introduction into aviation in Proc. of 15-th Conf. for Lithuania Junior researchers Science – future of lithuania Transport engineering and management (4 May 2012 Vilnius Lithuania) pp 90-94 [2] Chuck C and Donnelly J 2014 The compatibility of potential bioderived fuels with Jet A-1 aviation kerosene (Applied Energy vol 118) pp 83-91 [3] Hileman J and Stratton R 2014 Alternative jet fuel feasibility (Transport Policy vol 34) pp 52-62 [4] Iakovlieva A, Boichenko S and Vovk O 2013 Overview of innovative technologies for aviation fuels production (Journal of Chemistry and chemical technology vol 3) pp 305-312 [5] Iakovlieva A, Vovk O, Lejda K, Boichenko S and Kuszewski H 2014 Improvement of technological scheme of fatty acids ethyl esters production for use as jet fuels biocomponents (International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Science, vol 11) pp 44-50 (DOI:10.15863/tas.2014.11.19.9) [6] Wcislo G 2013 Determination of the impact of FAME biocomponent on the fraction composition of diesel engine fuels (Combustion Engines vol 154(3)) pp 1098-1103
ISSN: 17578981
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