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Title: Theoretical and applied bases of economic, ecological and technological functioning of energy objects
Authors: Artemchuk, V.O.
Bilan, T.R.
Blinov, I.V.
Dekusha, O.L.
Zaporozhets, A.O.
Ivanov, G.A.
Ivanov, S.O.
Kovach, V.O.
Kovtun, S.I.
Marasin, O.V.
Martynjuk, O.V.
Miroshnik, V.O.
Popov, V.O.
Simeyko, K.V.
Stanytsina, V.V.
Tankevych, S.Ye.
Schokina, V.A.
Yatsyshyn, A.V.
Yatsyshyn, T.M.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The monograph discusses the development of the energy sector of Ukraine. Analyzed the methods and models of management of individual segments of the electric power market. Modern methods and means of monitoring energy facilities at the stages of production, transportation and consumption of electrical and thermal energy are presented. The results of the analysis and visualization of environmental monitoring data for solving problems of managing environmental safety of energy facilities are presented. For researchers, engineers, as well as teachers, graduate students and university students dealing with the modernization and operation of energy facilities.
ISBN: 978-966-02-8331-2
Appears in Collections:Монографії кафедри загальної та прикладної фізики

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