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Title: Mechanism of Dimerization of Viologens in Liquid Crystalline Medium
Authors: Бордюг, Ганна Борисівна
Keywords: electrooptical
liquid crystalline medium
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Ukrainian Journal of Physics
Abstract: This work presents the analysis of experimwental data on electrooptical properties of viologens incorporated into the liquid crystalline medium. These data along with theoretical considerations allow specifying the mechanism, which leads to the double color change in the liquid crystal-viologen samples stipulated by the application of increasing voltage values. Specifically, it is proved that the first color change takes place due to the one-electron reduction of viologen molecules, and the second color change is caused by the dimerization between viologen molecules, which were fully reduced under the action of a voltage applied, and initial viologen molecules.
ISSN: 2071-0186
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