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dc.contributor.authorКонин, Валерий-
dc.contributor.authorШишков, Федор-
dc.contributor.authorПогурельский, Алексей-
dc.description.abstractWhile facing different tasks in space, the necessity to create a reliable way of navigation for different manned on unmanned vehicles in space is required. The model in this work was created in MATLAB software package to analyze the availability of the navigation satellites in space, coordinates estimation and allows simulating different parameters. A way to navigate in space for a space vehicle is required for multiple purposes, like so-called “orbital service” or space debris extraction. Satellite navigation seems to be a cheap system for navigation in space, thus allowing to use existing system framework with only adding an extremely sensitive receiver.uk_UA
dc.publisher2016 IEEE Radar Methods and Systems Workshop. - Kyiv, Ukraine, September 27-28, 2016. – p. 32-35uk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIEEE Catalog Number: CFP16RMR-CDR;-
dc.titleEstimation of Coordinates on Geostationary Orbit by Using GNSS Signalsuk_UA
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