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Title: Професійна підготовка майбутніх економістів в університетах Азербайджану
Keywords: higher economic education
Issue Date: May-2017
Abstract: The thesis highlights a comprehensive comparative study of theoretical, pedagogical and methodological foundations of professional training of the future economists at universities of Azerbaijan.This scientific work,in an integrated manner, elucidates the formation and development of higher economic education (HEE) in the Republic of Azerbaijan (AR), whose preconditions are recognised to be the extend of implementation of education reforms, based on national and international models of innovation of development of the economy, especially the non-oil sector. It classifies the works of leading Azerbaijani scientists (philosophical, historical, theoretical, methodological, psychological, educational, economic ones) which are noted distinction for the substantial contribution into HEE development. It provides the empirical research results of examination of the effectiveness of professional training of the future economists at universities of Azerbaijan. Having applied the method of comparative analysis, there has been revealed the specifics of professional training of the future economists at higher educational institutions in Ukraine and AR. There has been worked out the guidelines at the national, legislative and executive, institutional level on the implementation of Azerbaijani best practices into the system of HEE in Ukraine.
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