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Authors: Струк, Ірина Василівна
Keywords: Діалект, аномалія,фонографічний аспект, мовлення героїв.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Струк І.В. A NOTE ON JIM IN “HUCK FINN”: PHONOLOGICAL ASPECT / І.В. Струк // Язык и культура в эпоху глобализации : сборник научных трудов по материалам второй международной научной конферен- ции «Язык и культура в эпоху глобализации». 26 марта 2015 г. В двух частях. Часть 1. – СПб. : Изд-во СПбГЭУ, 2015. – С. 110-117
Description: it is possible to state that translators have mostly adopted standardization and compensation strategies to render vernacular phonetic features of character’s speech. It may also be observed that translators were not always successful in rendering AAVE due to phonological differences. However, it is worth mentioning that the sporadic use of non-standard language in rendering Jim’s speech has been in favor of the successful transfer into Ukrainian. This is especially seen in translations by I. Steshenko. We may conclude with the little consideration: the task facing the translators of rendering Jim’s speech was very difficult. This is due to the fact that the “translation can occur only between ‘cultivated’ languages”. But Ukrainian language with all its dialects and non-standard varieties has a completely different language system from AAVE. Thus, Ukrainian translators had ultimately three choices: to reproduce at least some features of the source text in the target text, or as it turned out from our research – to use translation strategies – compensation and standardization.
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