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Title: Теоретичні основи і методи підвищення безпеки дистанційних відеоінформаційних ресурсів в системі аеромоніторингу кризових ситуацій
Authors: Рябуха, Юрій Миколайович
Keywords: security remote videoresource
Issue Date: 26-Mar-2016
Abstract: Improving the safety of remote videoinformation resources in the system of crisis situations aeromonitoring. Developed the concept of informative syntactic descriptions of the identified segments of videoframes taking into account the level of semantic informativeness with saving the necessary contour information. Created the theoretical basis for the creation of improving methods the security of remote videoinformation resources in the crisis situations system of aeromonitoring based on intelligent processing of videoframes at the level of informative syntactic descriptions with automatic identification of their semantic content (information value) on contour information. Created methods of evaluating the availability and integrity of remote information resource in conditions of crisis situations aeromonitoring based on the intellectual method of processing videoframes with the identification of semantic informativity and adaptive double alphabet encoding contour segments.
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