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Title: Pedagogical strategies for training future technicians in american aviation schools
Authors: Пазюра, Наталія Валентинівна
Keywords: Aviation schools
pedagogical strategies
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The main purpose of vocational education and training is to help students develop a way of thinking that would enable them in understanding the technical systems and master learning at the conceptual level. It I a well known fact that researches of pedagogical technologies are aimed at the development of mental models extremely important for training. They are important because: first – they make possible a reduction of time for training. This is very important, taking into account the fact how much time the «transformation» of a student’s level of knowledge from a novice to an experienced worker’s the level takes. The researches of pedagogical technologies help to find a optimum ways for acquisition of expert type of thinking. Secondly, pedagogical technologies help to cut down expenses on training which is also very important. This is especially actual during professional training of technicians, who are to better understand structural, functional, behavioral aspects of technical systems.
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