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Authors: Першаков, В.М.
Petrova, Tanya
Stankevych, Maksym
Issue Date: 2012
Description: The main task is the terraforming of the planet Mars. Nowadays it is a very important task, because there are a lot of problems on the planet Earth, which deals with the exhaustion of natural resources. The solution is in the colonizing, building and transport formation on the planet Mars. The observations on planet Mars perform Mars exploration rover, they give possibility for scientist to make a research of planet. After researching with a help of NASA devices, scientist could develop different ideas about constructions and transport inventions, such as underground shelters and caves, adobe-brick surface structures, earth-bag constructions. Transport devices are the major item in developing such complex system. The example of such devices is roadheader, which will be able to construct needed habitations. Terraforming is a huge and difficult process, which requires many efforts and time.
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