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Title: Hardware-software system for evaluation operator’s psychophysiological state // The sixth world congress “Aviation in the XXI-st Century: “Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies”. – P. 1.7.26.
Authors: Kuzovyk, Vacheslav Danilovich
Gordieiev, Artem Dmitrovich
Keywords: EEG, power spectral density (PSD), electroencephalograph, psycho-physiological state
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2014
Abstract: The software and hardware complex, i.e. an automated expert system, allows a physician to classify operators according to their category of temperament and rigidity; to realize the analysis of received quantitative parameters of the elec-troencephalogram; to diagnose operator’s psychophysiological state of cere-bral cortex. Conclusions: It was created hardware-software system that allows you to: - classify operators by type of temperament and rigidity parameters; - process recording EEG signals in stationary and transition modes based on quantification parameter; - provide assessment of the psychophysiological state of the operator’s cere-bral cortex; -it includes automated expert system for the diagnosis operator’s psycho-physiological state of the cerebral cortex.
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