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2019-09-22Hybrid combined relative pseudo-entropyGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2018-10-10Initial considerations for the multi-optional doctrine implementation to the aircraft airworthiness support effectiveness estimationsGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-08-17Initial Theses for Buyers’ Preferences Optimality of the Price Choice in UncertaintyGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2006-12-07Introduction to Dynamics (Theoretical Mechanics)Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2019-04-09The lecture fragment on the certifying staff – maintenance, Licenses A, BGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2020-08-17List of course project leadersGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich; Rugain, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych
2019-10-03Main components and stages of the hybrid-optional doctrine developmentGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-04-25Mankiw–Romer–Weil model application to the world SARS COVID-19 pandemic airworthiness support business prospective evaluationKasianov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich; Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-02-10Mathematical Methods for Optimizing Maintenance Processes. LecturesGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-02-10Mathematical Methods for Optimizing Maintenance Processes. Practical ClassesGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-08-17Maximum of the Objective Functional and Basis Price Interpretation in the Entropy Paradigm FrameworkGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2020-10-13Methodology of applied researchGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2020-12-04Methodology of applied research. Lectures 5-7Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2018-10-10Multi-optional doctrine with the uncertainty degree evaluation for the aircraft airworthiness support technologiesGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-06-07Ocean heat transport simulation model based upon the doctrine of the conditional optimization of the hybrid functions entropyGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2016-09-21Operation of active transport systems in conditions of multi-alternativeness and uncertaintyGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2016-01-01Operational Documentation (ICAO Doc 9760)Yevsukov, Yevgen Yuriyovych; Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-02-13Operational documentation (ICAO Doc 9760). Homework instructionsGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-02-13Operational documentation (ICAO Doc 9760). Instructions on laboratory worksGoncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
2021-02-02Operational documentation (ICAO Doc 9760). Lecture 1Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich