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Title: Prevention of resonance oscillations in gear mechanisms using non-circular gears
Authors: Карпов, Олексій
Носко, Павло Леонідович
Філь, Павло Володимирович
Носко, Олексій Павлович
Olofsson, Ulf
Keywords: Non-circular gear
Gear pair
Variable gear ratio
Gear noise
Gear vibrations
Resonance amplitude
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Mechanism and Machine Theory
Citation: Prevention of resonance oscillations in gear mechanisms using non-circular gears / [O. Karpov, P. Nosko, P. Fil та ін.]. // Mechanism and Machine Theory. – 2017. – №114. – С. 1–10.
Series/Report no.: 114;
Abstract: One of the main disadvantages of gear mechanisms is the occurrence of noise and vibra- tions. This study investigated the applicability of non-circular gears for preventing reso- nance oscillations in gear mechanisms. The influence of a small deviation of the gear cen- trodes from the nominal circles on kinematic and oscillatory characteristics was analysed. It was shown that a larger deviation results in a smaller resonance amplitude due to mesh frequency variability and simultaneously in higher additional dynamic loads on the mech- anism. The shape of the gear centrodes was determined which provides a relatively small resonance amplitude with minimum additional dynamic loads. A mechanical device was developed to enable cutting of slightly non-circular gears on a hobbing machine without numerical control.
ISSN: 0094-114X
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