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Title: Thermal fields diagnostic method of changing aircraft aerodynamic state in flight
Authors: Shevchuk, D.O.
Kravchuk, M.P.
Shulevka, V.V.
Panchuk, L.V.
Keywords: Aircraft; structural damage; reconfiguration; external contour, temperature gradient; thermal method; boundary layer; diagnostics.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Electronics and control system. – 4(54). – 2017. - 40- 45 p.
Series/Report no.: ;№4(54)
Abstract: A result of the research was the method of aerodynamic condition of the aircraft on the thermal fields. Based on the mathematical and natural experiments, regularities of formation of temperature gradients in the boundary layer of air that occurs when damage to the contours detected parameters that affect the behavior of the temperature gradient arising from damage, namely the speed and angle of attack of the aircraft, the shape of the profile wings, nature of damage, place of occurrence of damage relative to the outer contours.
ISSN: 1990-5548
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