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Authors: Браженко, Володимир Миколайович
Keywords: rotary filter
mechanical impurities
numerical simulation
discrete perforated filtering baffle
storage bin
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Wschodnioeuropejskie Czasopismo Naukowe (Warszawa, Polska)
Abstract: The main task of this work is to research the efficiency of the hydraulic fluid cleaning by the rotary filter with a discrete perforated filter element and a storage bin for sediment at various modes of a fluid flow. According to the results of the numerical simulation a analysis of liquid's motion has been performed. The unequal motion of particles at the surface and through holes of a filter element has been noted. The influence of the tangential and radial components of the particle velocity on the filtration efficiency of the rotational filter is has shown. The results of separation efficiency of mechanical particles by discrete perforated filtering baffle on the basis of numerical simulation is has presented.
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