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Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navifation System Based on IEEE 802.15.4 Standard Radiounits
Authors: Sineglazov, V.M.
Daskal, E.V.
Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicle; Global Positioning System; mesh-network; ZigBee; IEEE 802.15.4; wireless personal area network
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Publisher: Kyiv, “Osvita Ukrainy”
Series/Report no.: IEEE 4th International Conference “Actual Problems of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Developments” (APUAVD);241-244
Abstract: Modern unmanned aerial vehicle navigation systems are highly dependent on Global Positioning System signals. Since Global Positioning System signals in dense urban housing areas, in tunnels or indoors may be unreliable, unmanned aerial vehicle will not be able to fulfill its tasks if needed to pass such zones. An unmanned aerial vehicle navigation system based on on the increasingly popular radio standard IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee is proposed. A description of such networks and their advantages for unmanned aerial vehicle positioning are given.
ISBN: 978-1-5386-1816-5
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