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Title: Acceleration of GNSS applications development and facilitation of their broad acceptance in Ukraine through international cooperation and own experience
Authors: Конин Валерий, Konin Valeriy
Kharchenko Vladimir
V. Kondratyuk
S. Ilnytska
O. Kutsenko
E. Vyshnyakova
T. Shmelyova
Шишков Федор, Shyshkov Fedir
Keywords: Global Navigation Satellite System, UKraine Replication, National Aviation University, Horizon2020 program
Issue Date: 28-Apr-2015
Publisher: Авіа–2015: XV Міжнар. наук.–техн. конф., 28-29 квітня 2015 р.: тези доп. – К.: NAU.–2015.– С. 8. 89 - 8. 101.
Abstract: GNSS are used around the globe in a variety of applications and the number of GNSS enabled devices tends to grow dramatically in the nearest years. This article aims to present the experience of NAU in development and research of GNSS applications and technologies together with international cooperation
ISSN: UDC: 621.396.98(043.2)
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