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Authors: Пазюра, Наталія Валентинівна
Keywords: Education policy research, comparative studies, globalization, regionalization, Asia-Pacific region, international studies on education, neo-institutional theory, private tutoring, language education.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The issue of the presumed “identity” of comparative education as a field of study or a discipline has been discussed for decades. Yet what remains open to question is a kind of systematic structure that provides the basic principles for a coherent exposition of the field. “Comparative education” can no longer be conceived in terms of an imaginary field’s coherence but, rather, in terms of distinct branches of comparative and international studies in education and their underlying issues. Such an understanding is fostered through a deepened awareness of the basic problems, and successive solutions, constitutive of the emergence and further conformations of the comparative approach in education and the social sciences.
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